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D.B. Cooper 50th Anniversary Episode

Before season two kicks off in earnest on 1/4/22, here’s a quick primer into the legendary case that will be part of our focus during the upcoming series. Fifty...

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Episode 10: Butte/America

In the final episode of season one, we examine Frank Little’s legacy a century after his death and hear the theories of his murder from leading experts. Plus, one...

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Episode 9: Why Copper is Red

In episode nine, after two years interviewing experts and sifting through the evidence, we present our best theory of who killed Frank Little. We also spend some quality time...

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Episode 8: Theories

In episode eight, we begin to comb through the many theories surrounding Frank Little’s unsolved murder and meet some of the case’s most colorful researchers. Plus, after Little’s death,...

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Episode 7: Tinder Box

In episode seven, Frank Little arrives in Butte, Montana where, after 13 days of hell-raising speeches and furious organizing, he’s murdered by unknown assassins. The Death in the West...

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Episode 6: The Desert

In episode six, America dives into WWI and conflicts between workers and their bosses reach a fever pitch across the West. The physical toll of multiple beatings begins to...

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Our Team

Chad Dundas


Chad is a journalist, podcaster and novelist. He is the author of the novels Champion of the World and The Blaze. He lives in Missoula, Montana with his wife and children.

Erika Fredrickson


Erika is a longtime newspaper editor and journalist with awards from the Society of Professional Journalists and the Association of Alternative Newsmedia. She lives in Missoula.

Leif Fredrickson


Leif is an award-winning historian of cities and the environment. He teaches public history and the history of the American West at the University of Montana.

Zach Dundas


Zach is an editor for the independent travel and culture publisher Wildsam and author of The Great Detective, a pop-cultural history of Sherlock Holmes. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

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