New “Murder of Frank Little” Tour!

Several fans of Season 1 of Death in the West have stopped in Butte (or even made a pilgrimage there!) to visit some of the key places we talk about in the “Murder of Frank Little.” One family even wrote up their own little mini-tour brochure! Well, those of you who may not be so ambitious to make your own tour are in luck: Leif Fredrickson has written a digital/walking tour based on our podcast. 

The tour is part of a larger set of tours that are being developed as part of a digital tour app called “The Story of Butte.” With the app, you can visit historical sites and take historical tours (in Butte or virtually). The tours connect physical places in the city and include interpretive text, images and other media (such as oral history clips). It is a very awesome project, spearheaded by Butte Citizens for Preservation and Revitalization and the Butte-Silver Bow Archives. 

To check out the “Murder of Frank Little Tour,” and other cool Butte tours, you can download the Story of Butte app from Apple or Google Play stores. You can also access the tours through the website storyofbutte.org.


FAQs: What is Death in the West?

What is Death in the West? Glad you asked. Death in the West is a history and true-crime podcast dedicated to the American West’s strange crimes and historically resonant intrigues.

Cast of Characters

Season one of Death in the West brings together a menagerie of larger-than-life characters who thrived, battled, and collided as the Old West met the Industrial Age. In Butte, Montana during the summer of 1917 low-down thugs cross paths with kingpins who alter the course of capitalism while revolutionary idealists plead their cause to frontier rogues.

So, Four Friends Start a History Podcast …

The Death in the West podcast team are not co-hosts by accident or whim. As two sets of siblings growing up in Missoula, Montana, we spent hours together making art in a place that was influenced by the Seattle and Portland music scenes but still had the kind of “charming” mountain town qualities that pushed bored teenagers to create new things.