FAQs: What is Death in the West?

What is Death in the West? Glad you asked. Death in the West is a history and true-crime podcast dedicated to the American West’s strange crimes and historically resonant intrigues.

Cast of Characters

Season one of Death in the West brings together a menagerie of larger-than-life characters who thrived, battled, and collided as the Old West met the Industrial Age. In Butte, Montana during the summer of 1917 low-down thugs cross paths with kingpins who alter the course of capitalism while revolutionary idealists plead their cause to frontier rogues.

So, Four Friends Start a History Podcast …

The Death in the West podcast team are not co-hosts by accident or whim. As two sets of siblings growing up in Missoula, Montana, we spent hours together making art in a place that was influenced by the Seattle and Portland music scenes but still had the kind of “charming” mountain town qualities that pushed bored teenagers to create new things.