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Episode 5: The Message

In episode five, Montana’s Copper Kings do battle in court, the state legislature, the press and even the underground tunnels of Butte’s mines. Frank Little assumes a leadership role...

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Episode 4: A Western War

In episode four, a brazen bombing kills Idaho’s ex-governor, and the ensuing rift in the labor movement puts Frank Little on a collision course with history. Plus, Zach and Leif go 100 feet down a mine called Orphan Girl to see what life was like for Butte, Montana’s underground workers.

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Episode 3: The Black Heart of Montana

In episode three, the DITW team visits a vintage, prohibition-era speakeasy and learns how Butte, Montana’s massive underground copper deposits transformed it from a mining camp to an urbanized center of wealth and power. In Oklahoma, the Little’s family’s dream of homesteading hits rock bottom.

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Episode 2: Poisonville

In episode two, the wildest city in the West gives Frank Little a grand funeral, but making the man a martyr leaves his real life largely unexplored. Meanwhile, what...

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Finding the murder site

How do you find a murder site from more than 100 years ago? When we started digging into the case of lynching of Frank Little, we found there were...

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Episode 1: 3-7-77

In episode one, we re-open the case of Frank Little, a union organizer whose brutal unsolved murder shocked the nation during the tumultuous summer of 1917. Our team travels to the mining city of Butte, Montana and reconstructs the night of the crime, including using vintage maps to pinpoint the secluded site of Little’s murder.

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Our Team

Chad Dundas


Chad is a journalist, podcaster and novelist. He is the author of the novels Champion of the World and The Blaze. He lives in Missoula, Montana with his wife and children.

Erika Fredrickson


Erika is a longtime newspaper editor and journalist with awards from the Society of Professional Journalists and the Association of Alternative Newsmedia. She lives in Missoula.

Leif Fredrickson


Leif is an award-winning historian of cities and the environment. He teaches public history and the history of the American West at the University of Montana.

Zach Dundas


Zach is an editor for the independent travel and culture publisher Wildsam and author of The Great Detective, a pop-cultural history of Sherlock Holmes. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

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